Difference between a Detox and a Cleanse

The world of women’s health has been torn thrown into pandemonium by this long-standing argument amongst those who aim to break free from a weight-loss plateau and get back on track after eating lots of holiday treats or comfort foods. Most people erroneously use the term cleanse and detox interchangeably without realizing that there are key differences between a cleanse diet and a detox diet.

Woman juicing making green juice with juice machine in home kitchen. Healthy detox vegan diet with vegetable cold pressed extractor to extract nutrients for smoothie drink.

A cleanse removes waste products on a superficial level from the digestive tract by removing irritating and allergenic food substances from the diet usually by eating light density food which accelerates the digestive process whereas a detox goes quite a notch higher by doing a comprehensive evacuation of your digestive tract. It goes deeper than cleansing by helping the body boost its natural detoxification process through the kidneys, liver, lungs and skin. Detoxification involves supplementation, the replacement of foods and drinks and the adoption of such practices as infrared saunas, oil pulling, enemas and colon hydrotherapy. While the body already has an effective mechanism for detoxification, a well-laid detox plan can be helpful in attenuating the effects of unhealthy lifestyle choices.
Detoxification rids the body of toxins that we are exposed to, such as environmental toxins from solid waste and liquid effluents, cleaning products, smoking, the use of plastic and crude oil-based products and mercury overload from eating canned foods. While being in the middle of this radioactive swamp and depriving your body of nutrients and proper hydration, your system’s natural detoxification process can be inhibited.
Detox foods or detox cleanses require an ultra-restrictive diet usually consisting of small amounts of food having detoxifying attributes.
A good cleanse helps you form new eating habits that support your body and helps you stay healthy.
One way of visualizing the difference between these two is that while detox diets are an “out-with-the-old” approach, cleanse programs are an “in-with-the-new” approach.
Note these major facts
• Food does not detoxify your body, rather, eating healthy foods helps your liver and kidneys perform their tasks better.
• Your body can detoxify itself. Whenever you ingest food, breathe or absorb toxic materials, your liver and kidneys expels many of them.
• Toxins are substances that are poisonous to an organism. We encounter toxins every day: food additives, pollutants and pesticides.
Expert Tip
Consult a doctor prior to making any crucial dietary changes, especially when you are being placed under medications or are have any medical condition.

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